Presentation of the SIRIUS Chair, by Lucien Rapp, Law Professor at Université Toulouse Capitole, co-director of the SIRIUS Chair.

In this video, Lucien Rapp recalls the origins of the SIRIUS Chair, with the creation of this unique partnership between major players in the space industry and research teams in the social sciences.

Small-sats are shaking up the space industry.

Developing and launching satellites is very expensive. The growing development of "small sats" is disrupting and transforming the space industry today. The players in the space industry are also changing.

Portrait of Victor Dos Santos Paulino, Professor in innovation management and strategy at TBS, Co-director of the SIRIUS Chair.

In this video Victor Dos Santos Paulino presents what innovation management research is and how a better understanding of innovation phenomena can help business development. He also shows how he integrates his research work into his teaching activities and in exchanges with his students, and how he works today in particular with the CNES.

The space industry between two eras. Insights by Victor Dos Santos Paulino and Lucien Rapp, Co-directors of the SIRIUS Chair.

The space industry sector has been undergoing major changes in recent years. New, very competitive operators are attacking monopolies and interfering in the circuit of States and public funding to recover market share and take advantage of the phenomenal prospects opening up in the space sector.

Videos of the presentations of the SFDI conference "Outer Space and International Law".

This conference took place in Toulouse on May 6 and 7, 2021. The presentations and talks of the different speakers are now available in a few clicks.

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