Sirius Chair

Présentation Presentation

SIRIUS is a business chair, based on an original type of public-private partnership between three leading operators in the global space sector (CNES, Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alenia Space) and two respected higher education institutions: the Toulouse 1 Capitol University and Toulouse Business School.

The SIRIUS Chair’s science managers bring together and direct researchers (PhD and post-doctoral students) or well-known international experts. It is also prepared to work with any the other French or European research teams.

It produces reference studies that are eligible for publication in the best (peer-reviewed) international scientific journals. It carries out studies on behalf of the French space industry and helps train and inform the personnel concerned, through seminars or specialized workshops.

The team focuses particularly on the legal, social, economic and managerial issues confronting space activities and, especially, those raised by the generalization of the use of satellites and the multiplication of space applications.

These challenges are occurring in a context that is rapidly being transformed, especially by the opening of the space sector to competition, the privatization and internationalization of the space industry, the progress accomplished in transmission and reception techniques, the introduction of new digital platforms using hybrid networks, and the proliferation of services and applications related to the increasingly generalized use of satellites.

SIRIUS serves the interests of the industries in the European space sector, as well as European space policy-makers and Europe’s space powers.

List of research topics for the Sirius Chair (2015-2020)

Space sector

  • Adding value to debris removal
  • Innovative financing methods in the space sector
  • Dynamics of the industry

Space companies (strategies, governance, convergence)

  • Instructing party-subcontractor relationships
  • Analysis of brakes and levers to innovation
  • Strategies for internationalization of SMEs: the space case
  • Coopetition: knowledge management and strategy

Space and Society

  • Long-term management of skills and abilities, and human resources management in a cyclical industry
  • Societal & economic interest of space in the Midi-Pyrénées Region

Law and space policy

  • Space & property
  • Space law
  • Determining liability for damage caused due to debris in outer space


Science Director

Professor Lucien Rapp

Lucien Rapp is a university “agrégé” of Law and a professor at Toulouse 1 Capitol University. As an expert in the aerospace sector for many years, he ranks consistently among the best specialists worldwide in space and communications law (Band 1)